Resort Hotel Camyuva – Rejuvenate yourself at Water Paradise

Resort Hotel Camyuva

For seasons of active holiday

The new worldwide nterpretation of holiday.

Has come to mean “Four Seasons Active Holiday”… The aim is rejuvenate through recreation and relaxation

Rejuvenate yourself at Water Paradise…

Rooms: 133 rooms, furnished with Balcony, airconditioning, telephone, TV. satellite, music and video broadcasts, room bar, bathtub, hair dryer.

F&B: Feuillages (Main Restaurant), Ottoman Cuisine. Bar Barbarossa, Midnight Barbecue, Aqua Bistro, Bar, Cafe Aqua, Vitamin Point.

Sportive Activities: Water sports, Tennis, Mini-soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Jogging.

Health & Fitness Center: Sauna & shock pool, Steinbad, Fitness center. .

Bunny Club for the children: Play pool. Play garden.

Disco: Bubbles Dance.

Lounges: Winter Garden (greenhouse. library, reading section) Game lounge, Upper lounge (fireplace, piano, live music, aquarium).

Meeting Services Business Point: Multi-purpose meeting room (60 people), Special meeting rooms (8 and 18 people), VIP offices, relaxation rooms . Aqua Plaza (Shopping): Sportique (Sports boutique), Rainbow Mini Market, Photo Graphis. Tulipano (Jeweller), Buffalo (leather boutique), Hair Studio, Rent A Car, Ladik (Carpet shop).

The water paradise at the Aqua Resort with it’s interesting architecture in PopArt, integrated well in the nature is equipped with more than 10 water recreation systems… Ranging from tumbling wild rivers and sweeping water stream channels to different versions of water slides… Bubbling in the “Whirpool” cooling in the shock pool. Smiling in the children’s mini pool… And massage beds to relax your tired muscles.

The Water Paradise continues on the tropical garden with the tropical pool in the middle.. The internal and external pools and recreation systems are heated during winter… Everything has been specially designed for you to have four seasons of active holiday in a unique and relaxed atmosphere.

Resort Hotel Camyuva – Kemer, 07980 Antalya – Turkey

Head Office: Bestekar Sak. 64/5 Kavaklidere, 06680 Ankara – Turkey

Turkey: Side Antalya

Turkey: Side Antalya

Situated on a peninsula and flanked by two stretches of golden beach, the pretty resort town of Side, Antalya is a jumble of old and new, with an extensive range of tourist accommodation, late-night bars, shops, and restaurants mixed in among the ruins of the ancient city.

In the centre of town is the magnificent 2nd-century theatre with beautiful views towards the sea, and the remains of the Roman Baths an impressive collection of artefacts. Busy streets that lead down to the sea are lined with souvenir shops selling typical Turkish handicrafts like jewellery, carpets, and leather goods.

General Information About Turkey

General Information About Turkey

Area: 779,452 sq km
Population: 78.1 million
Capital City: Ankara
People: Turks (85%), Kurds (12%), 3% other Islamic peoples, Armenians, Jews
Language: Turkish, Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Kurdish
Religion: Muslim
Time Zone: GMT+2
Dialling Code: 90
Weights & measures: Metric
Member of EU: No

The Republic of Turkey (Türkiye Cumhuriyeti) is located in South Eastern Europe (the area west of the Bosporus) and South Western Asia. Turkey is bordered by the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, Greece, Bulgaria, the Black Sea, Azerbaijan, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Iraq and Syria.

Ankara is the capital and second largest city of Turkey. Istanbul is largest city, finance capital and largest port. Other major cities include İzmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, Kocaeli (İzmit), Denizli, Kayseri, Mersin (İçel), Trabzon, Antalya, Samsun, Konya, Erzurum, Tekirdağ, Edirne.

Turkey can be divided into seven geographical regions: Marmara (Marmara) Region, Black Sea (Karadeniz) Region, Central Anatolia (Orta Anadolu) Region, the Mediterranean (Akdeniz) Region, Aegean (Ege) Region, Eastern Anatolia (Doğu Anadolu) Region and the South Eastern Anatolia (Güneydoğu Anadolu) Region.

The terrain is mountainous with a central plateau and a narrow coastal plain. Turkey has many rivers including the Fırat, Kızılırmak, Menderes, Sakarya, and Yeşilırmak.

Turkey’s weather varies according to region but is generally hot and dry in the summer and cold in the winters.