Italian Travel: Rome Vintage Art Print

Vintage Rome Travel Poster
Vintage Rome Travel Poster by made_in_atlantis
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Vintage Travel Advertisement Posters Reprints – European Travel Advertising

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Lake Union Float Plane in Seattle Vintage Art Print

Lake Union Float Plane - Seattle, WA Travel Poster
Lake Union Float Plane – Seattle, WA Travel Poster by LanternPress
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Lake Union in Seaatle

Nestled on the south shore of Lake Union and extending south to Denny Way, South Lake Union is one of the fastest growing and most vibrant neighborhoods in Seattle. As the city’s downtown lakefront neighborhood, it’s a place where cutting-edge companies co-exist with urban lofts, one-of-kind retail experiences mix with world-class parks and open spaces, seaplane tours depart to circle scenic Seattle from above and a streetcar line quickly moves people around in style.

South Lake Union also has a little of the funkiness so distinctive to the Emerald City. A local condominium complex has a bocce ball court, the stunning lakefront park has a model boat pond and there’s a local gourmet bakery — for dogs.

The neighborhood is already home to several globally-recognized companies including the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Rosetta/Merck, ZymoGenetics, Tommy Bahama, NBBJ, University of Washington Medicine, Group Health Cooperative, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute and, soon, the new headquarters for

Lake Union also gets to brag about having REI’s towering flagship store on Yale Avenue North, complete with a bike test trail, a climbing wall and enough outdoor gear to outfit the entire city.

New to the neighborhood is the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), taking up residence at the Naval Reserve Armory at Lake Union Park. The Armory, originally built in 1942, was given a makeover by MOHAI with a full restoration, preserving many of the building’s unique Art Deco-style features. The new location is home to the museum’s nearly four million historic artifacts and photographs.

Public art is one of the great treasures of South Lake Union. Throughout the neighborhood, there’s inspiring, diverse and eye-catching artwork on display by several acclaimed local artists. At 2200 Westlake Plaza, in front of Whole Foods Market, are three seven-foot tall sculptures by acclaimed local ceramicist Akio Takamori,whose work can be found in public collections in the U.S. and around the world. At the Merck/Rosetta Building, visitors can check out (and play on) Buster Simpson’s “Ping Pong Plaza,” a bronze ping-pong table with a stainless steel net that is a working game table.

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Welcome to New York, Fashion City Travel Poster

Red Pop Art New York City Poster Print
Red Pop Art New York City Poster Print by made_in_atlantis
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The Spirit of London Art Print

Pop Art London Bus Big Ben Red Orange Yellow
Pop Art London Bus Big Ben Red Orange Yellow by hizli_art
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Central Park Square Vintage Art Print

Vintage New York City Travel Poster
Vintage New York City Travel Poster by made_in_atlantis
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Vintage Hawaii Islands Art Print

Vintage Hawaiian Islands Travel Ad Poster
Vintage Hawaiian Islands Travel Ad Poster by made_in_atlantis
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Vintage Hawaiian Islands Travel Ad Poster

Vintage Hawaiian Air Travel – Vintage Hawaiian Travel Advertisements – Airplane, Blue Sea and Volcano Island Illustration Painting.

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Greece Athens: Hellenic Vintage Poster

Vintage Athens Greece Travel Poster
Vintage Athens Greece Travel Poster by made_in_atlantis
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Central Park, New York Art Print

New York Central Park Poster
New York Central Park Poster by BridgemanStudio
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Central Park History and Background

The first large city park in the United States, draws more than 20 million visits a year, making it one of New York City’s most popular attractions. Olmsted and Vaux began designing the Park in 1858, after the city had acquired 778 acres of land, obtained out of a civic need for more open space arising from population growth during the 19th century.

This huge manmade landscape cost $14 million to build, and by 1873, the Park had a collection of more than four million trees, shrubs, and plants – a monumental effort, particularly when one considers that New York’s largest park at the time was the ten-acre Battery Park. In 1937, the city unveiled the park’s 15-acre Great Lawn, built over the original site of the Croton Reservoir.

Numerous ballfields and playgrounds also have been added to the original design. The park contains many institutions and facilities, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, several historic buildings and monuments, an outdoor theater, a children’s zoo, a science center, a skating rink, and four community centers. Occupying a prominent place in the iconography of New York, Central Park is where the New York Marathon ends and where John Lennon is remembered in “Strawberry Fields.”

Now encompassing 843 acres, Central Park forms a border for several neighborhoods in New York, extending from some of the city’s wealthiest to some of its poorest. Surrounding the southern portions of the park are primarily high-income, high rise apartment buildings, with low to middle income housing near the northern end in Harlem; a collection of museums along Fifth Avenue forms the park’s eastern border.

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Downtown Nashville Broadway, New York Art Print

Downtown Nashville Poster
Downtown Nashville Poster by BethAffolterArt
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Gondoles a Venise Art Print

Venice Grand Canal & Gondolas Italy Travel Artwork Poster
Venice Grand Canal & Gondolas Italy Travel Artwork Poster by made_in_atlantis
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Requirements for entry and customs regulations: A valid passport; no visa for visits up to three months. You may bring in any amount of currency, but if you planning to export more than a legal limits of foreign currency you should inform customs on entry.

Government: A democratic republic.
Language: Italian
Religion: Roman Catholic. In Rome the American Episcopal Church is on via Nazionale, the English Church on via del Babuina.

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